About Modulos

What exactly is Modulos and how in the world can it be so awesome?

A desk for the new day and age

Say hello to the first ever desk that will adapt to your life and work space and needs, and will never cease to do so! Its modular approach to the work surface itself allows you to fully utilize your floorplan and have the features that its modules offer placed exactly where you need them. And the best thing is that it can change along with your needs! The base elements of Modulos are its modules, wooden interconnectable tiles that form your own custom desk surface. With a variety of modules available (and new ones always in the works) you can be sure you’ll always be able to have exactly the desk surface that’s ideal for you, even if you decide to change your floorplan, move to a different flat, or get a new device that just won’t fit the desk dock you currently have.

Modulos offers you numeorus layout possibilities.

Our modules system design also has one other cool aspect – we can produce modules with different functions. Need an iPad dock? We have a module for that! Need a hole that your cabling can go through? There’s a Module for that as well! And the possibilities for future modules are endless – modules with integrated USB hubs, modules that act as wireless charging pads for your devices, holes and grooves for your pencils, monitor risers… We could expand the offer of Modules to fit all the demands that our customers put in front of us!

And you can also place your iPad dock or cabling hole where it suits you best! You prefer to have your iPad on the left? No worries – Modulos gives you an opportunity to create the perfect combination of Modules for you. And if you change your mind? Just disassemble and rearrange!

so is it an office desk?

Modulos is whatever you need it to be! You can make it a work desk, kitchen desk, high table, coffee desk… Our patent pending solution allows for any Module to be in any position, so naturally desk legs need to be able to be attached to any single one of them, in any corner. That even expands the possibilities! Get shorter legs and your Modulos desk can serve as a coffee table. Get longer legs and it can be a standing desk. And since it’s made from top quality wood, designed in a minimalistic fashion and looks beautiful – it can be placed anywhere and look georgeous!

the Modulos experience

Choose your modules

Once we start selling through our webshop, you will be able to go to our configurator, where you won’t only choose the number of modules and their types, but also create a layout configuration to see if all the tiles you chose will work our for you just perfectly.

You’ll also be able to choose the type of wood, even for each module separately - allowing you to combine different types of wood.


Choose legs and accessoires

Choose from various types of legs that we offer - wooden or metal, square or round, normal height, coffee table size or standing desk legs. You can also order any accessories we offer that you think you need.


Assemble it and enjoy

Once you get your desk from our delivery, all you need is to assemble it - a task that’s super easy!


Order additional modules if needed

If you decide you need a larger desk, a different layout, a new functional module, or you just gotta have that new cool module we just launched - just order additional modules and connect them to your setup.

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