Modulos is live on Kickstarter

Modulos is currently available for pre-order on our Kickstarter campaign - be sure not to miss it, as it is an unique opportunity to become one of the first owners of Modulos - for a discounted Kickstarter-exclusive price!

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pairing tradition with innovation

We found that it’s impossible for one desk surface to be able to work perfectly in different situations and spaces, let alone evolve along with your needs so

we reimagined it.

Modulos is a completely new desk solution. It’s a reinvention of the desk. Your work surface is no longer a fixed dimension - it can grow, shrink, or turn from a straight desk into a corner desk. Finally, one desk that fits all spaces and needs.

a surface made of modules

Modulos surface is comprised of Modules - wooden tiles each capable of being connected to another one in any direction providing you with infinite possibilities. There are various models of Modules available, from plain surface, to integrated docks for your iPad and iPhone, USB Module with embedded USB hub etc. Possibilities for modules are infinite and we’ll aim to constantly expand our Modules catalogue.

we're launching soon on Kickstarter!

We’re really excited about the idea, and are thrilled with the desks we already produced. Now we want to take it even further - we’re preparing a campaign on Kickstarter to fund Modulos so we can get some equipment for our workshop and start producing and distributing Modulos desks all over the world!

the wood that Venice is built on

The Modules are made from only top-grade Croatian wood. Croatian wood is well known for its quality. Here’s an interesting fact for you – many people know that Venice is built and stands for centuries on wood. Did you know that that wood comes from Croatia? The Velebit mountain is mostly naked now so the famous Floating city and their ship fleet could be built! The wood we use to build Modulos comes exclusively from Croatia, and we make sure our wood material comes only from sources that cut it down in a regulated way.

it's friendly to the environment

Currently there's a lot of material being just thrown away because the old desk got scratched in one place of the surface, it's leg broke, it's become too small or too big. The Modulos idea of owning a desk battles this wasteful practice. Why throw away good material and then cut down a bunch of trees for the new one, when you can replace only the part that you don't need or upgrade the whole thing?