Croatian wood is well know for its high quality and endurance! As far in history as Roman times it was highly valued and exploited, and has retained its value ever since.

You can find Croatian wood everywhere thorught the world, and it is proven to retain its strength and beauty for years and years. Just look at Venice - it's still standing and it's built on Croatian wood!

Slavonic oak (Quercus robur)

Slavonic oak is widely known as extraordinary qauality wood. Its significant structure and colour refines furniture design, weather it's about classic or modern minimalistic design. Historically, it has allways been a symbol of strength and endurance, thanks to its quality, massive and beauty .

It has been exploited since the Roman Empire, and well known „Floating City“ of Venice has been standing on Croatian oak for centuries. It can be found in Parliament Houses, and the most esquisit barique vines can thank for their distinguished taste to Croatian oak made barrels they've been held in.

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