The Story

How did we come up with the idea and what's our story?

Modulos logotype represents a single Module, a desk and our initials.

How did it start?

Like most of young people here in Croatia, our founder Matej doesn’t own his own apartment, but rather rents one. He was in need of a desk, and wanted a good, quality desk that would hold his computer, but also his gadgets like iPad and iPhone, and would also have some kind of cabling solution. The problem is that quality desks, like everything else of quality, have a price tag attached to them. He had an option to have his father, who is a carpenter, to make one for him – but the real problem wasn’t the pricetag. What would happen with the desk when he unavoidably moves to another apartment? Would it fit that new space? Also, the current apartment didn’t really have space for a normally sized desk, so he would need to shell out a lot of money for a desk that could potentially be unsuitable for his future apartment. And just like that – the idea behind Modulos was born.

The idea.

So, the idea that came to mind was so simple that Matej immediately tried to find who makes something like that to buy it. But there was no one. And the idea? Simple - make the work surface modular. A work surface made of interchangeable square tiles allows you to change your desk surface's width, depth and shape - essentially solving the problem Matej had, and a problem that so many people and businesses have.

Then we just gradually upped the stakes. We created "special" tiles which can have a hole for cables, an iPad or iPhone dock, pens holding grooves, an USB hub. Then we called our tiles Modules. And so - Modulos was born.

So we actually built it. And it's awesome.

Modulos offers you numeorus layout possibilities.

It's super practical

You own a Modulos desk and are moving to a new apartment? Just disassemble it and you’ll have no problem getting it into your trunk to transport it. Your new work space is smaller? No problem, just assemble a new desk surface out of your existing Modules – one that’s more suitable for the new space. Does your new apartment have more space and you could really use some more workspace on your desk? No worries – just order additional tiles from us! No need to throw anything away. No money or good material wasted. It's not only practical - it's environmentally responsible.

Modulos offers you numeorus layout possibilities.

Cool features (that you can rearrange)

When we started building the first prototype, the ideas just started pouring in. We put in the cabling hole first, then grooved pen holders, then the iPad and iPhone docks, then finally the USB hub. We have lots more where that came from, and plan to implement cool new ones as Modulos steams along!

Of course, there already are desks out there that have iPad docks and other cool features in their surface - but what if you decide you don't want your iPad to be docked to your right any more, but would rather have it on your left? Modulos gives you that option.

Modulos offers you numeorus layout possibilities.

Tradition in family produces perfect woodwork

It's not a coincidence we decided to do a wooden product - our CEO's father, grandfather and grand grandfather were carpenters, and just as them he worked with them since he was very young. His father Dražen, the chief of production in Modulos, stands behind this product with his expertise based in 30 years of experience, and he checks each module we produce to make sure the wood and work quality are absolutely top class.

The desk functionality is definitely as in touch with the modern times as it gets, but it still gives out the warmth and quality feeling of the old top quality made wooden furniture. The croatian wood, well known for its quality and beauty, is one to blame for this - it just looks georgeous.

it's friendly to the environment

Currently there's a lot of material being just thrown away because the old desk got scratched in one place of the surface, it's leg broke, it's become too small or too big. The Modulos idea of owning a desk battles this wasteful practice. Why throw away good material and then cut down a bunch of trees for the new one, when you can replace only the part that you don't need or upgrade the whole thing?

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