Who are we?

Our CEO's father, grandfather and grand grandfather were carpenters, and just as them he worked with them since he was very young. Modulos is built on this tradition, aiming to produce awesome products using high quality materials, and never compromising on quality. Combining those values with our love for tech and design got us to this point where we're starting what we hope for to be an awesome journey! If you'd like to learn more about how we came up with Modulos check out our story, or just scroll away and meet the team!

we just have to thank these awesome people and companies for their help and support:

Igor Raguž Video/photo production
Vedran Tomac Video/photo production
Nina Trumbić Media planning
Mirta Zlatar Social media planning
Krunoslav Maričević Elgrad | Technical advisory
Ivan Tomljanović Legal advisory

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