Wooden cone leg (715mm)

A simple, yet elegant round leg. Its radius varies from top to bottom, making it feel elegant and lightweight. Made out of an exquisite, heigh-quality piece of wood – it can either bring a classic feeling into your space, or uplift a modern setup as a detail. Mounting the leg to your surface is simple, and all the tools and screws are included in the package.

Dimensions: 715mm

Wooden cone leg (715mm)


An elegant round cross-section leg, made out of full Croatian oak wood. Elegantly designed, with its diameter shrinking towards the bottom.

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Experience the unique experience of owning a Modulos Desk, a desk system that gives you top features, long-term cost effectiveness and helps you reduce your waste footprint - all by giving you the power to configure, change and upgrade your desk.


Modulos surface assembly is as easy as it gets! You get all the tools you need right in the product box, and then just proceed with the following:

  1. Align and connect two modules using pins provided
  2. Insert the connecting screw and tighten it using the provided Allen wrench
  3. Repeat for your entire desired surface grid, hooking up stripes of connected modules


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Learn about our materials

Modulos Basic material option gives you all the amazing features that a fully modular desk can offer, at an affordable price! We use top quality Okoume plywood as the strong and stable core for the module, and then apply a top quality white standard furniture laminate to make the surface smooth and resistant.

Our Aeon material line is something that we like to describe as otherworldly! The material we use is sometimes hard to describe - it's soft to the touch, very pleasant, but also very strong and resistant. It's antibacterial (doesn't support bacterial growth), heat-resistant, stain resistant. Simply - amazing! We use top quality Okoume plywood as the strong and stable core for the module, and then apply high quality Fenix laminate that utilises innovative and beautiful high-tech features. Whichever color you choose: Soft Dark, Silver Surfer or Ripe Red; the diffuse, beautiful soft looking surface will bring joy to the time you spend working by your desk.

And then there's Heritage. Wood. There's no material like it. The contrast of its warmth and strength had people mesmerised since forever. This is our original material, although it has evolved over time. While we were using full wood (even in the core of the module), we now use top quality Okoume plywood as the strong and stable core for the module, and we surround it with top-class natural Oak wood veneer, including special-order side veneer that imitates the vertical wood-lines that you would expect from a slab of wood. We finish the module with a high-quality polyurethane coat finish. This allows us to offer you the resistance and stability of plywood, with the beauty of natural wood. The result? Beautiful and stable.

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